And so my quest begins..

"Life doesn’t have to be like this you tell yourself…"

It is weird to me how fast life can change. How one day you wake up thinking this is my career and this is my normal schedule. Then in a matter of minutes your entire life is turned upside down. All of a sudden you can't remember what you enjoyed doing. Certain aspects no longer have a purpose. Maybe this is what depression feels like.


Then you realize what you do for a living and how you don't have time to have a self pity party. You have to be motivating. Your job is helping people reach their fitness goals and feel better about themselves both mentally and physically. A lot of times it turns into putting on a face. Covering up what is really going on in your life. Then when your life starts to feel like one big lie the depression sets in even more.  You start to doubt yourself and your abilities. You start self creating these thoughts making you feel small and worthless.


Life doesn’t have to be like this you tell yourself…


In reality its ok and natural to doubt yourself. Although, I do know that I have the choice to look at life in a negative or positive light. We all have this choice. So, today I challenge you and I to look at life in a positive light. Yes, life is really hard at times. It tests us emotionally and physically. Instead of focusing on the negative and what is going wrong we need to approach it from a positive perspective. Instead we need to learn to accept our current situation. Learn to embrace the now and appreciate the challenge. For every challenge I have been faced with I have grown to better understand myself. To better love and appreciate myself. 


Join me on my quest to becoming a confident, independent, mindful, healthy, fit and empowered woman. I'll be posting a lot about fitness, nutrition, self acceptance techniques, journaling, and my personal journey. My goal is to have a place where men and women feel confident, safe, inspired and held accountable to always continuing the process of self acceptance and personal growth.