Re-defining the Definition of WEIGHT-LOSS

Re-defining the defination of WEIGHT-LOSS

I think it is time we set a new definition to the word weight-loss. I don’t mean to be all feminine here, but look we base our everyday actions and thought process off of our belief system.  Part of what determines our beliefs are;

  1. the story we tell ourselves
  2. how our culture forms our beliefs
  3. how our own thoughts cement our beliefs and actions 

Our thoughts become the actions of our everyday lives. If we tell ourselves we are fat it makes it easier to sit and eat an entire pint of ice cream.. why? If we truly believe we are fat in order for us to keep believing it we have to keep taking the actions that cement our own definition of FATTY. So, we finish the entire pint and confirm our fat ass. 


So I ask you… 

  1. How do you define the word STRESS
  2. What in your life is a stressor? 
  3. What thoughts bring your stress?
  4. Is it stressful to have to always be worried about losing weight? 
  5. Do you ever use the “motivation" of when you will get skinny to lose weight? 
  6. What were your thoughts when you reached your weight-loss goal? How are they different from your current relationship with food and self?

When I answered these questions, I realized something.  It didn’t matter if I was 100 lbs or 121 lbs, I still always looked at mysellf and thought of what could be better. I would punish certain actions based off the idea that I was never enough and I would never be good enough. 

Exercise became a punishment.

Eating healthy became a punishment.

The fear of what my body would look like if I stopped counting the nutritional content of the food consumed me. 

No matter if it was “on” season or “off” season, I could not win. During show prep I would spend over an hour playing around with food in my diet log. I would even log food multiple times to make sure it was right. It was stressful and time consuming. The “off season” turned into this consistent guilt of not trying hard enough, not lifting heavy enough, gaining too much body fat, not gaining enough body fat, eating out too much, drinking to much……. just not being optimal enough. 


This won’t work for me. I am taking a stand. I can not waste my life away worrying about my weight. Weighing my food, counting my macros, logging, dieting, measuring, weight gain, body shame, hating myself and feeling unworthy. 

I won’t fucking do it. 

So, today I ask you to join hands and redefine the definition of weightloss with me. 

Weight loss is not about losing weight.

"Weight-loss is about weighing less by gaining LIFE"


(Below is a journal entry from my diary about weigh-loss and mindset)

For me gaining life is fluid.
the rising tides
 of motivation and goals
short and some long term
sometimes what is more enjoyable
is not logging
and focusing on choosing
the actions
my weight can maintain
without thought
Where when
I run a faster mile
or complete
one more pull up it is
because I want to push myself
from a place of growth
and giving one goal
the motivation and
water it
needs to
grow into this
this beautiful body of flesh
and it grows
with the seasons
mentally stronger
knowing the pro and cons
and taking
acceptance of the choice made
in the moment
from a place of love
because then you see
I won’t ever
have to worry
about not representing
 and I
will accept myself
for always acting
from a state of
mental clarity


Most recently I have struggled with feeling bad about wanting to diet and step on stage for another bikini competition. Then I realized, gaining life is always fluid. Sometimes the dieting and lifestyle we have to do to reach that goal is not negative. It is just a shift in the angle of life experience you are gaining at the current moment. 

This thought was a breakthrough for me. I no longer feel suffocated by what felt like split personalities. 

Weight-Loss: the fluid gaining of life by making the daily choices that allow us to live and serve our bigger purpose. 

So what diet are you on?

Is it working?

 Or are you just adding another stressor to your life?