Frozen Progurt Berries


Makes: 2 serving


Serving size: as much as you want macros will be for half of recipe


Um forget the sugar free popsicles or the frozen grapes… I am straight addicted to these frozen treats! For those of you that do not follow me on should (@fitmiss71). Why should you because you would see that I am obsessed to what I like to call progurts or progurtz. I have not decided what I like best yet but I made sure to buy both domain names haha! Basically I use the same base; protein powder, yogurt and almond milk and try to make as many delicious things as possible. So far it has lead to progurtz dip and dots, frozen progurtz, and frozen progurt covered berries. These are basically my go to. And I am a snacker so these are great to just munch on throughout the day. And let us not forget how great this recipe is solely for how much fiber we get from the berries! Total win in my book and kids love them. Everyone loves them. You will love them! 


Play around with the fruit you use and protein powder flavors. I am going to try a chocolate protein and banana slices next! If you end up making the recipe, please let me know how you like it. And if you post it on social media use the hashtag #progurtz to share your delicious macro friendly treats. 

**Disclaimer **- Macros will change depending on the type, brand, and amount of ingredients used. Watch the video to see how I quickly log it

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·    300-400 grams Berries of your choice (Macros are for even amounts of blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. You can change this to your liking.) *Note macros will change depending on what berries and or brands you use

·      300 grams Yogurt (any kind works, I use what ever brand has the lowest carbs)

·    20-35 grams Protein Powder (I used Trutein)

·      35-40 ml Almond milk or any kind of milk



1.    Get all ingredients out and set them on counter, scan all food labels into myfitness pal

2.    Pour yogurt into bowl and add in protein powder, stir

3.    Add in almond milk, stir

4.    Wash berries and add them to yogurt. Gently stirring to not mash them up!

5.    Scoop out berries onto wax paper or tinfoil lined pan

6.    Place in freezer at least 40 minutes. These things store really well. Make enough for the week even! Store frozen berries in Ziploc bag. Divide into smaller snack sized bags for quick and easy access.




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*To get recipes delivered straight to your inbox for easy access and printing sign up or leave email in comments below! *

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