How to Love Yourself While Looking Like a Wierdo

Truth is self love is a challenge.... Just like eating healthier or making the gym a priority it takes practice to create a new habit. We must exercise our self love muscles. Instead of the bathroom mirror selfie try this.... 

Go stand in front of your bathroom mirror.. and look at yourself. Keep looking and become aware of any thoughts that enter your mind.

Are they judgmental? 

It is natural when you begin this exercise to see all of your flaws. Remind yourself when these thoughts come into your mind that your appearance does not define your worthiness. What does define your worthiness? 

Keep looking at yourself. 

What parts of your face do you like?

Say these parts out loud to yourself

  • I love and accept myself
  • I am beautiful
  • I have amazing hair!
  • I own my strengths
  • I love myself
  • I deserve to care for myself, I do care for myself
  • I am strong and worthy
  • I do the best I can with my current awareness
  • I am courageous and brave 
  • I am responsible for me

Practice this exercise. The cue to do it right after you brush your teeth in the morning. By adopting this self love method you will increase the activity in your pre-frontal lobes. Science has found that self awareness takes place in the pre-frontal lobes of the brain, while negative emotions are mediated in the limbic system. 


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I also highly recommend journaling about your experience so you can look back and see the growth! 


Below is a journal about my experience. 

I looked into the mirror and glanced at myself 

 analyzing myself

my eyes first glanced to all the acne covering my face and how I longed for clearer skin

Telling myself how young it made me look 

How I would just be beautiful without it

Becoming aware I thanked my inner critical self 

and decided to not let it define my worth

I kept seeking and starring

next my eyes wondered off to my messy side bun

I liked my natural wave in the wispy strays that encased my face

This thought made me smile and from there my gazed 

graced my lips and 

I noticed how small my upper lip is

and how it dives down ward

I realized how tense my jaw was and 

decided to breath and let it go 

falling into a relaxed position 

I looked at myself one eye and then the other

noticing the brown freckles in my eyes

reminded me of my grandmothers presence in me

Thanking god and realizing 

we all live again even if only partially through another being

I began to go deeper into self

looking at the little girl I once was

I looked at her in the eye and I said

“I’m sorry you felt that way

I’m sorry for all the mean things I did to you

You were always enough.. I love you 

and accept you just as you are right now. 

you are beautiful.” 


I felt a weight being lifted and

self acceptance entered the room

and thanked me for being



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