Lemon Protein Cheesecake



Makes: 1 cheesecake


Serving size: as many as you want. Macros will be for 1/8th of pie. 


I love me some cheesecake. Lately I would crave a slice from a Vegas spot called Russo’s! They have some of the best cheesecake! It is rich and creamy and they pour this chocolate ganache and raspberry puree over the top. So, anyways love this place right? But the days I pick myself up a slice I am either deciding not to log it or suffering the rest of the day on straight protein. My solution make my own macro friendly cheesecake! Still is delicious and I do not have to feel guilty when I want to eat half a cheesecake.

I can not and will not take the credit for this recipe. It all started with a recipe from my former client and best masseuse ever Courtney Hartman. She had found the recipe on some bodybuilding.com  forum and spent years perfecting it. So, thank you! I have only slightly changed the ingredients to make it fit my macros a little friendlier and basically will spend the rest of my life trying new flavors. This recipe is also inspired by my mother who still makes the best cheesecake ever. It is because of her that I have this deep love for cheesecake.



·      356 grams Fat Free Cream Cheese

·      280 grams Plain Greek Yogurt

·      40 grams Truvia baking blend

·      60 ml Blue Diamond Almond Milk (unsweetened) or milk

·      ¼ tsp Salt

-2 Eggs

·      1 TBS vanilla extract (can omit this. Add some juice or zest from a fresh lemon instead)

·      88.6 grams or 2.6 scoops Body Nutrition Lemon meringue flavor. (Can use any protein but I just know I like the way this one bakes.)


·      What ever you want! For this one I like some fresh raspberries. Or strawberries or fat free cool whip! Yummmmyyyy!


1.     Preheat oven to 250 degrees F. and prepare 6in spring form pan/cake pan with cooking spray.  

2.     Put cream cheese in mixer and whip until creamy then add in the rest of the ingredients and whip on medium for 3 min. Meanwhile….

3.     Heat up 3-5 cups of water in the microwave until boiling

4.     Pour batter into cake pan, cover with tin foil

5.     Place cheesecake in 9x13 baking dish, set in oven.

6.     Then slowly add the boiling water to pan until it is about half way up the side of the cheesecake pan.

7.     Cook 50-70 minutes, Then turn off oven and let it sit 60-70 minutes.