My First Facial.. from the girl who was too afraid to leave her house without makeup

Self care can take on many forms. Sometimes we're not even conscious of how shitty we're treating ourselves until someone shows us differently. That's what happened to me when I went in to get my very first facial. 



This week I was scheduled to have my first facial. This was just a facial set up through Nordstrom’s, but I was excited none the less. When I arrived I was taken back to a private room with a massage chair. She asked me to get comfortable and under the covers. The first thing she asked was if I was wearing any product on my face. I had just come from work and told her I was wearing a full face. She proceeded to soak some cotton balls in a removal liquid and place it on my eye. As she was wiping my face, I started to feel pretty emotional. I had never had anyone touch my face this way. I began to think of all the nights prior how I quickly scrubbed my face or in the morning how I quickly put on makeup. Since I stopped dieting, I’ve started to gain awareness around where I need to be more present and patient with myself. I had takin the time to slowly put lotion on my body or carefully plan out my clothes in an outfit that made me feel confident but somehow I had completely skipped over my face. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and healing to have someone so carefully and methodically remove my makeup from my face. I became triggered and remembered the days of my acne filled face, remembering the nights I was so afraid to wash off my makeup because my boyfriend would see the imperfection that was hiding underneath. All the moments I had felt unworthy in my own skin came flooding back and then the soft touch of this women reminded me of what touching ourselves from a place of love really feels like.


I’m not recommending we all go get facials to feel loved and worthy in our skin although it isn’t a bad idea. What I’m asking from all of us is to slow down and be present. What is your relationship with all various parts of your body, where could you use a little more forgiveness with yourself? Where could you slow down and treat yourself with more self love? With more respect?

If you watch my snapchats or Instagram stories you’ve probably seen my burning incents, random dance moves and daily poetry quotes. All of these are part of my morning routine. After today I’ll likely be adding in more intention to my morning face routine. Why do I have this routine?

 1. It keeps me being proactive

2. It allows me to focus on self care

3. It preps me for the day.

Any successful person will tell you they have systems and structure. In order to become productive, we must be able to get more done and the best way to do that is to do it in a structured format. That’s why I created the 8 Week Self Love Course. This course is all about first understanding what your current relationship with body and food is and how to use that to create your own self love routine. Want help creating your own routine? Sign up for a free week of the self love course.