The Beginning:


Chapter 1:

I wondered where to start. I sat there for about 2 weeks and wondered how to start this book. you know in school when they ask you to write about yourself? Remember how hard that was to concentrate? Well now imagine trying to write an entire book! Then I decided I would just start right now.  For on this quest to self love, I have learned that the present is all we truly have. And the present often includes the past and the future. But it is the ability to be consciously aware. A path I once responded to life from a negative perspective. 

My name is Megan Anderson. I grew up in the small town of Cody, Wyoming. My goal in life is to simply dedicate myself to inspiring, learning, educating, and implementing. I want to create a place where men and women are comfortable being vulnerable and dedicated enough to constantly improving themselves. I want young woman to be educated on food, nutrition, and teach them to be courageous enough to believe in themselves. I firmly believe there is a conscious shift happening in the way we approach overall health and fitness. 

I Megan Anderson am working hard at my goal. Living my goal. Making my goal the only option available for me to succeed or be homeless. I am risking it all. Why? Because I believe in something bigger than myself. I believe everyone wants to be healthier and happier. Quest 2 Self Love is a space where willing people come for accountability. It is an atmosphere of truly believing in each other. It is leading and living an aware lifestyle. It is changing the mold. 

I Megan Anderson am determined. The past couple years I have gotten sucked into the lifestyle of bodybuilding shows. I compete in a sport where you basically diet until you reach a certain body fat percentage for stepping on a stage one day. There is no money in the sport unless you are amazing or use it to leverage some other business, but we all do it anyways. And basically I train people for shows using flexible dieting and intuitive eating. There is an entire psychological component to eating that a lot of people forget about.

I have gone from being aneorix in high school, bro-diet, flexible dieting to a mix of flexible dieting and intutative eating.