"My Name is Taylor and I have worked with Megan for a little over a year. In that time period I have not only changed my body but I changed my negative attitude towards myself and my body. For years I had struggled with my weight and my body image. In the past I would do the newest fad diet and tried workouts that harmed my body.

I was introduced to Megan through a friend and was immediately pleased with her training. She showed me the way of IIFYM, if it fits your macros, and workouts that made me feel energized and were easy to follow. Not only did she help me with the physical aspects of training but she was always a listening ear when it came to the mental aspect.

Since I started training with her I have lost over 20 pounds. But more importantly, I now know how to feed my body what it wants while sticking to what it needs, my macronutrients. This quest honestly taught me how to love myself even when my anxiety got the best of me.

I would recommend Megan to any of my friends or family. She is a kind, caring person who wants to change people’s lives for the better!"

-Taylor (tictoctatertot91)